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BDR to AE Interview Prep

Use this guide to set your BDRs up for success when interviewing for an AE position.

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One of the best strategies to retain top talent is to provide opportunities for growth.  Part of that comes with setting your current team members up for success as they look to new career opportunities.  This guide is designed to help BDRs (or SDRs) prepare for Challenges they will complete as part of the interview process to become an AE.  Bonus! This provides Sales Leadership with insight into an impactful, proven selection process for transitioning BDRs into an AE role.


Section Introduction

  • Overview
  • Scenario and Set up
  • What's Next?

Section Sales Skills

  • Discovery 101
  • Deal Management 101

Section Now What??

  • Challenge Accepted
  • Review


Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted

Included Modules

Flip Card
Flip Card
Text Questions
Text Questions