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Security Awareness Training for Employees

Train your employees to detect, prevent, and take action against cybersecurity threats in 30 minutes or less.

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Learn a practical set of security skills in preventing online threats from occurring in your workplace. From securing your office Wi-Fi traffic to email and device security, this course will educate beginners on general security best-practices.

Employees are often the first line of defense against online bad actors. With this guide you’ll be armed with the ability to identify and appropriately respond to online threats. Become a security awareness expert.


Section Introduction

  • Getting Started

Section Internet Safety

  • Secure Internet Usage
  • Public Wi-Fi Access
  • Password Security
  • Application Security

Section Home & Travel Security

  • WFH Safety
  • Security While Traveling

Section Email Safety

  • Top Email Security Tips
  • Phishing Prevention

Section Device Security

  • Laptop Security
  • Mobile Security

Section Wrapping Up

  • Congratulations


Security Awareness
Security Awareness

Included Modules

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Matching Choice
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Text Questions
Text Questions