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How to Avoid Burnout [Powered by wikiHow]

We have all experienced points of burnout in one area of our lives or another. This quick course provides easy tactics to prevent it, recognize it, and address it.

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The best way to prevent burnout is to learn the early warning signs and learn key tactics to prevent it.  This course will also explore specific strategies to overcome burnout that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

This course was built in partnership with our friends at wikiHow.  wikiHow is the world’s largest and most trustworthy how-to site, on a mission to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. wikiHow works with experts and trained researchers to deliver every reader a helpful, accurate, and delightful guide on almost any topic.


Section Introduction

  • Overview & Objectives

Section Preventing Burnout

  • Introduction
  • Physical Health
  • Balance & Daily Rituals
  • Change Scenery
  • Connect

Section Overcoming Burnout

  • Awareness & Recognition
  • Finding Fulfillment

Section Wrap-Up

  • References
  • Review
  • Powered by wikiHow



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Flip Card
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Matching Choice
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Multiple Choice
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Text Questions

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