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Train-the-Trainer: How to Build a Strong Onboarding Program (Sponsored by Box)

Learn best practices and key tactics to build a strong onboarding program based on the proven success of Box's "BoxCamp" training

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Onboarding can make or break an employee’s ability to succeed and to stay with the company long-term. This training guide was built in collaboration with our friends at Box to explore crucial tactics, share unique mindsets, and show examples that will teach WorkRamp Admins and Content Creators how to build strong onboarding programs.


Section Introduction

  • Overview & Objectives
  • Impact of Onboarding

Section Mapping Out Content

  • Building Blocks
  • Identify Your Buckets
  • Blended Learning Approach
  • Content Creation Process

Section Incorporating Culture

  • Culture Components
  • Part I: Initial Onboarding
  • Part II: Regular Ice Breakers
  • Part III: Generate Conversations

Section Advanced Strategies

  • Measuring Success
  • 30/60/90

Section Wrap-Up

  • Box Camp Today
  • Next Steps

Section Customer Spotlight

  • What is a "Customer Spotlight"?
  • Brought to you by Box


Train-the-Trainer: Onboarding
Train-the-Trainer: Onboarding

Included Modules

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Flip Card
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Matching Choice
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Text Questions
Text Questions