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Security Awareness Training for Contractors

Train your contractors to detect, prevent, and take action against cybersecurity threats in 30 minutes or less.

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Learn a practical set of security skills in preventing online threats from occurring in your workplace. From securing your office Wi-Fi traffic to email and device security, this course will educate beginners on general security best-practices.

This course is geared specifically for contractors. It covers the basics of security awareness and ensures that your employee security standards also extend to the contractors you work with.


Section Introduction

  • Getting Started

Section Internet Safety

  • Secure Internet Usage
  • Public Wi-Fi Access
  • Password Security
  • Application Security

Section Home & Travel Security

  • WFH Safety
  • Security While Traveling

Section Email Safety

  • Top Email Security Tips
  • Phishing Prevention

Section Device Security

  • Laptop Security
  • Mobile Security

Section Wrapping Up

  • Congratulations


Security Awareness
Security Awareness

Included Modules

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Flip Card
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Matching Choice
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Text Questions
Text Questions