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Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors [Template]

Sexual harassment prevention training for managers. This supplemental training should be taken in addition to sexual harassment prevention training for all employees.

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The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors meets most compliance and jurisdiction requirements across all 50 US States. This one-hour course will cover sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to help maintain a safe and inclusive workplace culture

This training is designed to be deployed on its own or customized to include your company-specific policies and branding. All Human Resources courses on the Marketplace has been reviewed and approved by legal experts.

It is recommended that this training is taken after Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees and deployed after consulting your attorney and/or local regulations.


Section Introduction

  • Note to Supervisors
  • Overview & Objectives
  • Important Terminology
  • Protected Classes

Section Basic Expectations

  • Key Facts & Statistics
  • Unacceptable Behaviors
  • Your Role as Supervisor

Section Spotlight Scenarios

  • Spotlight: Overview
  • Spotlight: Deep Dive

Section Supervisor Scenarios

  • Practice Scenarios
  • Scenario Analysis

Section Constructive Communication

  • Discussion with Employee
  • Investigating Claims
  • Evaluate: Supervisor Actions

Section Wrap-Up

  • Complaints & Retaliation
  • Employer's Responsibility
  • Investigation Process
  • What Do I Do If...?
  • Resources
  • Conclusion


Sexual Harassment Prevention (Supervisors)
Sexual Harassment Prevention (Supervisors)

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Matching Choice
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Multiple Choice
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Text Questions

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