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Zoom for Go-To-Market Teams

Turn your customer-facing teams into Zoom Pros with this course on how to run effective customer calls.

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Meeting with customers virtually on Zoom? Then this is the must-have course for any of your customer facing teams.

Skip the generic Zoom trainings and learn about how to use Zoom to provide an amazing customer experience. From setup and technical best practices, all the way to proper Zoom etiquette, this course will ensure your AEs, SEs, and CSMs know how to use Zoom properly with customers.


Section Zoom for GTM Teams

  • A New Way

Section Setup

  • Installing Zoom
  • Customizing your meeting settings
  • Setting up your Personal Meeting ID (PMI)
  • Zoom for Google Workspace
  • Zoom for Slack

Section Technical Best Practices

  • Your appearance and settings
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Connecting to audio and video
  • Meeting recordings
  • Zoom chat
  • Sharing your screen
  • Handling connection issues

Section Advanced Meeting Tips

  • In-meeting Ettiquette
  • Taking customer notes

Section Congrats

  • You are now Zoom meeting certified


Zoom GTM Certified
Zoom GTM Certified

Included Modules

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Text Questions
Text Questions