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‘My Team’ Manager Dashboard Training

Welcome to the My Team Manager Dashboard course for Managers in WorkRamp! This course provides an in-depth exploration of the dashboard's features, guiding you through the process of effectively reviewing and managing team submissions.

[Template] WorkRamp Learner Essentials

This training guide template provides a basic overview of the learner experience in WorkRamp and how to seamlessly navigate the platform. Leverage this template to customize your learners onboarding experience with WorkRamp.

[Template] New Manager Onboarding 101

Set your new managers up for success by customizing this template to set a clear foundation for their training and new role.

[Template] Getting Started! (Academy Launch Guide)

Take the guesswork out of launching your first Academy guide with this template.

[Template] Step 1: Welcome to COMPANY! (General Onboarding)

Customize this template and assign it as the first training all new hires complete to set the stage for an engaging, impactful onboarding experience.

[Template] Creating Sales Challenges: Instructions & Scorecards

Copy and paste the contents of this guide to quickly build impactful WorkRamp Challenges for your Sales Team