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Learning and Development

Take your L&D programs to the next level with these templates and best practices.

[Template] New Manager Onboarding 101

Set your new managers up for success by customizing this template to set a clear foundation for their training and new role.

[Template] Step 1: Welcome to COMPANY! (General Onboarding)

Customize this template and assign it as the first training all new hires complete to set the stage for an engaging, impactful onboarding experience.

How to Avoid Burnout [Powered by wikiHow]

We have all experienced points of burnout in one area of our lives or another. This quick course provides easy tactics to prevent it, recognize it, and address it.

Instructional Design: Leveraging Learning Styles

Before you can effectively train someone, you need to be well-versed in how they learn. This guide will explore one of the most timeless, core learning principles and share key tactics to include in your training materials.

[Template] Tools Training

Use this template to easily create training guides on the tools your team needs to master to be successful and efficient

Instructional Design 101

Learn how to design, develop, and deliver learning experiences that your employees will love.