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Instructional Design 101

Learn how to design, develop, and deliver learning experiences that your employees will love.

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This 30 minute course will teach you the basics of instructional design and training theory. These principles are the foundation for designing and building effective training materials. By the end of this training, you will learn how to “teach” your content rather than “tell” your information to your Learners.


Section Introduction

  • Overview & Objectives
  • What is a Culture of Training?
  • Creating a Culture of Training

Section Two Primary Goals

  • Goals Defined
  • 100% Engagement
  • Learn What You Teach

Section Content vs. Context

  • Basic Definitions
  • Building Blocks of a Context

Section Vital Tactics

  • Brain Breaks & State Changes
  • Components of the Introduction
  • Learning Objectives
  • Tips & Tricks

Section Wrap-Up

  • Summary
  • Action Plan


Instructional Design
Instructional Design

Included Modules

Text Questions
Text Questions